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This Is Not Home Listening vol.5 – Sneaker & Saša Sora


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“A lot of times we played places that got fear in ‘em, where some fear went down. East Germany, you know Dresden, places that ain’t particularly happy” …so Mad Mike said after playing post–cold war Dresden in the early 90ies. 20 years later the fear is gone, all the ruins got rebuild and the streets cleaned up. The hippies finished studying architecture, bought the squat houses and now complain about noise after 10pm. Everything is more colourful and safe now, there are no more nails sticking out the jungle gym. But what happened to the dirty basements, the fucked up backyards and abandoned factories? The places we called our playgrounds? Of course! You say. That’s the way it goes! Stop crying, move on, get a wife and a job! Well some of us did not manage yet, and to those we want to dedicate Rat Life Records, reflecting the imperfect spirit of life in dirty raw dance music and its natural environment. Providing tools for a working DJ’s night out in the wilderness, sending your intoxicateded mind back to the dance floor of a smoke filled dungeon where the music is too loud to talk about your favourite genre, what format you prefer to play or how much your record collection is worth. So all you can do is listen, dance and get lost in the sound.

That is how Rat Life Records has been described, one of many projects our next guest is involved with, and I think it is the perfect way to introduce DJ Sneaker. A guy whose music got soul, balls and foremost, music that is fun and unpretentious.

For those who are new to our website, This Is Not Home Listening is a series of podcast/mix where we ask DJs to dig deep into their crate and play whatever they feel like and keep us entertain while we’re chilling at home on a Sunday afternoon, too hung-over to do anything.

Well DJ Sneaker has for sure hit the spot with this one and he came armed with his mate Sasa from DRS club … We don’t have much info about Sasa but make sure your remember his name as he’s got few project in the pipeline which, I’ve heard, involves a Krautrock label.

For vol.4, these 2 fellas recorded a 3½ hours back to back set in their favourite hang out. A set filled with Cosmic, disco, Italo, new wave, synth, minimal-wave, ambient and of course a lot of gems that will make the perfect soundtrack to your Sunday.

Before we we get going with this mix just a few word about Sneaker’s work… He’s a man of multiple faces as he’s been rocking the decks for a good 20 years now and been deeply involved with the Dresden scene included the famous Uncanny Valley records. My favourite is his Dunkeltier aliases when he goes a bit to the leftside of things editing and playing all sort gems.


Oh and to top it all up, Sneaker just teamed up with his girlfriend under the Bionda e Lupo moniker and released a killer ep on Bordello a Parigi. Make sure to get on it. Romantic electro synth pop affair!!!


For more info here are some useful link:



Special shout out to all the diggers, they were kind enough to give us a full tracklist of the mix…

I could go on a lot more but I think we should just let the music speak for itself…


Don Alfredo – Abnehmen Durch Autogen Hypnose
Emerald Web – Ice Caves
Top Drawer – Song Of A Sinner
Peter Seiler – Tokyo IC Salad
Gary Sloan & Clone – Glacier Suite
Gary Sloan & Clone – Blue Ice
Arik Rudich – Genesis
W. Barthel / M. Bˆhm / R. Bauer – Interrail
T Zchiew & The Johnny – Let Your Life Be Free
The Unknown Cases – Memo Walk
Dunkelziffer – This Is How You Came
Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (SNEAKERS DJ TOOL LOOP)
Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (SNEAKERS ‘NO SNARE/HH’ EDIT)
Joel Graham – Geomancy
Macadam Mambo DJ’s – Sikaa MMLP101
Flash & The Pan – Midnight Man
Mariah – Shinzo No Tobira
Arik Rudich – Tut Anach Amon
Albion – Mambo Steel MACADAM MAMBO EDITS 5005
La Palace De BeautÈ (Larry Tee) – Outta Space
Whilist – Goyas Skull
Chicken Lips – Is That You Or Me KING SIZE LP14
Diesel / Jarvis – In The City
Comet – Cometenzauber PRIVATE 369.020
Gary Sloan & Clone – Harmonitalk
Profil – Leb Wohl Mein Schatz
Zwischenfall – Katastrophe
De Ambassade – Geen Genade KNEKELHUIS 03
Lena Platonos – A Physical Exercise Unresolved
Los Gonococcos – Putaing Con V2 SERENDIP-LAB 004
Hermans Rocket – Space Woman
George Kamm – Durst & Hunger MACADAM MAMBO EDITS 6006
Linear Movement – Way Out Of Living MINIMAL WAVE
Baris K. – 200 NATION 11
The Freeze – Psychodalek Nightmares
De Ambassade – Wat Voel Je Nou KNEKELHUIS 03
Two – Strassenheimerstreet
Trenton Chase – Prowler JUNE 09
Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart
Pankow – Shutdown SGX02
Pink Industry – I Woulnd’t Give
Andrea Noce – Magic Mirror (Aufgang B remix) SELVA ELETTRICA #6
Geoff Kroizer – House Of The Joker
Aufgang B – Demo 2 SERIOUS TROUBLE 03
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Thousand Knives
Miro 1 – Arize

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